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“Brilliant session.  Thank you, Barry!”

…this is one of the best training sessions that I have attended in the last 17 years of my professional career. I would highly recommend the Clear Business, Technical, and Email Writing course.

“I was a participant in a recent train-the-trainer session for Effective Email Communication…We thoroughly enjoyed leading the class and the managers who attended were very engaged!”


Excellent. Good participation, easy to understand, good reference materials, entertaining.

This class was more fun and open than any other class that I’ve been in. This atmosphere made everyone open up and get involved.

Excellent combination of relevant topics, useful workbook, and teaching techniques.


I enjoyed the content and spontaneity of the class.

To be frank, writing classes can be very boring for me, but this one was exceptionally good.


I would have to say that you are among the best, if not the best instructor I have seen brought in to NISH. Your enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS and INSPIRATIONAL!

I give this program high marks because I learned a great deal of information in a short amount of time.

…thank you for the information provided during the course of the workshop. It was refreshing to have professional communication experts with knowledge on how to write audit reports