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Available Delivery Methods

In-house Workshops

Course Length: One or Two Days

Learn an efficient and effective approach to creating organized, clear, and concise policies, processes, and procedures.  The improved documentation will increase compliance and enable employees to produce predictable outcomes both safely and efficiently.

The lively, hands-on workshop includes exercises on organizing, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading; critiquing of individuals’ writing by instructor; peer-review sessions; learning exercises; and lecture related to best practices for policy, process, and procedure writing.

  • Master a logical process for writing clear, direct, and succinct policies and procedures
  • Target policies and procedures to project topic, requirements and conditions, and audience needs
  • Apply plain English and clear syntax to improve comprehension of and compliance with policies and procedures


  • Targeting policies and procedures to project goal; requirements and conditions; and audience needs
  • Understanding the differences in policy, process, and procedure content
  • Organizing content before writing
  • Collaborating with co-workers on best practices for procedures before writing
  • Clustering to cut writing time, categorize items, and develop headings
  • Ordering your ideas for standardized policy or procedure layout
  • Using a checklist to ensure quality in documentation
  • Learning the best-practice formatting techniques for policies and procedures
  • Checking for specific, concrete wording
  • Avoiding evasive vocabulary, wordy phrases, and corporate jargon
  • Reviewing processes and procedures for clarity, usability, and conciseness
  • Using the imperative verb form for procedures to create direct, concise instructions
  • Applying Ten Tips for writing easily understood policies and procedures

Rave Reviews

“Outstanding.  I’ll recommend this class to my coworkers.  The facilitator was upbeat, fun, and held my attention for two days.” – Linda Rivera, IBM

“Thought the class was great!  There were a lot of exercises that allowed us to practice the methods.  We were given a lot of techniques that are actually useful and realistic for our business.  Barry made dry material entertaining!” Employee, California ISO

“I have represented Barry and his writing courses to my company’s clients – many of them the biggest high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and the world – always with superlative response from the customer.” – Amy Wallace, ETA

“Barry delivered a fabulous presentation, with many exercises and visual aids to help us in our learning.”  Lau Pei Yang, OCBC Bank of Singapore

“I like everything about this course.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class totally engaged.” Employee, California ISO

“The program will help me save time while providing more readable policies and procedures.” Chan Keng Chi, Vice President, OCBC