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Speak and Write was founded in 1987 to meet the needs of organizations wanting to improve their employees’ business writing and presentation skills.

In 25 years of business, Speak and Write has delivered one- and two-day workshops at over 100 world-wide corporations. From high-tech companies to biotechnology, financial services to government organizations, our company has trained over 5000 participants and helped to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of employees at work.

Speak and Write’s trainers are experts in the following topics:

  • Business and technical writing
  • Audit Report Writing
  • Effective Email Writing
  • Policy, Process, and Procedure Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Meeting Facilitation Skills
  • Career Design

In addition to live classroom workshops, Speak and Write delivers powerful web trainings, e-Learning programs, and e-Coaching sessions to individuals and teams around the world.