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Tailored communication training to dramatically improve your organization’s writing, meetings, and presentations.

Founded in 1987

In-house Workshops
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Clear Business and Email Writing

Writing that gets to the point and gets things done at work
  • Write action-oriented emails that drive projects forward
  • Learn persuasive-writing skills to influence others
  • Implement the Top 5 techniques for clarity and conciseness
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Powerful Presenter

Delivering quality content with confidence
  • Implement a simple three-step approach to plan and deliver presentations
  • Turn dull info- or data-based presentations into informative, thought-provoking narratives
  • Project confidence and engage audiences when presenting
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Making Meetings Matter

Developing a culture of efficient and outcome-oriented meetings
  • Using time efficiently through planning and meeting management
  • Facilitating dynamic discussions and encouraging quality contributions from participants
  • Creating consensus and holding people accountable for decisions and actions
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Clear Technical Writing

Weaving technical details into concise, accurate, and reader-centric documents
  • Target writing for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Synthesize ideas from multiple content contributors
  • Improve layout, clarity, and conciseness in technical documents
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Clear Audit Writing

Turning audit reports into a constructive management tool
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in transferring the right information from work papers to reports
  • Master a logical process for writing clear and persuasive audit comments and executive summaries
  • Target your writing based on what management and the audit committee need to know
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Clear Policy, Process, and Procedure Writing

Writing internal controls that optimize operations and prevent risk
  • Write clear, concise, and succinct policies and procedures
  • Target content to project topic, requirements, and audience
  • Use plain English and visuals to improve comprehension and compliance
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Communicating with Confidence for Non-Native English Speakers

Ensuring inclusion of global teams in collaboration and decision-making
  • Gain confidence in written and verbal communication skills
  • Contribute confidently in meetings and discussions and to provide value in decision-making
  • Influence others and show leadership on projects and initiatives
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Storytelling for Influence

Using narrative to connect and effect change at work
  • Learn the science of storytelling
  • Learn to create compelling stories that can be impromptu for meetings or strategic for sales and presentations
  • Understand how to use storytelling to connect and inspire change
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How we work with you


Identify your company’s specific needs through meetings with management and participant questionnaires


Tailor workbook and slides based on actual workplace examples and scenarios


Deliver customized, engaging course with emphasis on ease of implementation and long-term improvement

What our clients say

“Brilliant session.  Thank you, Barry!”


"I was a participant in a recent train-the-trainer session for Effective Email Communication...We thoroughly enjoyed leading the class and the managers who attended were very engaged!"

Charles Schwab

Excellent combination of relevant topics, useful workbook, and teaching techniques.


To be frank, writing classes can be very boring for me, but this one was exceptionally good.

LAM Research Corp.

Instructor spoke well, presented well, and knew the topic inside and out. Course materials related well to class, especially the memorable examples.

Cypress Semiconductor

Speak And Write

Barry Mohn

For over 15 years, Barry Mohn has delivered dynamic, practical trainings for thousands of employees around the world. Specializing in presentation skills, meeting management, and business and technical writing skills, he has conducted trainings for over 25 Fortune 500 companies in high-tech, financial services, and health care.

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