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Available Delivery Methods

In-house Workshops

Course Length: Half Day

On average, middle and upper management spend 35 – 50 percent of their week in meetings.  This is far too much time in meetings that often don’t engage participants, go down rabbit holes, and rush decision-making at the end.

This workshop trains meeting leaders and participants in the skills to run and contribute to dynamic and outcome-oriented meetings.  More importantly, it also defines how to build across your organization a strong meeting culture of:

  • Preparation and efficiency
  • Quality contribution
  • Effective leadership and facilitation
  • Deliberate decision-making
  • Accountability of actions


  • Deciding when to meet and when not to meet
  • Inviting the right participants
  • Developing an effective agenda with the Content/Process model
  • Delivering clear, specific, and concise status updates
  • Keeping participants focused, engaged, and contributing
  • Troubleshooting common meeting challenges
  • Using virtual meeting technology effectively
  • Understanding the four decision types and achieving group consensus
  • Creating a follow-up communication, action, and accountability plan

Rave Reviews

“Barry’s Meeting Facilitation workshop provides enjoyable, hands-on training.  Time flies as you learn in an interactive, relaxed setting about the right way to conduct productive meetings.  Barry also trains by example using his own techniques in the workshop.”  Ana Mena, Gelb Consulting, Inc.

“Everyone should take this class.”  Thomas Vallaitis, Infinera

It was a good class. The instructor was engaging. It should be a required class for all NVIDIANs, if we’re really going to expect true culture change with how our meetings are managed.” NVIDIA

“The entire workshop had value…it is good to get reminded of these ideas.”  Infinera