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Clear Audit Report Writing


An audit report is an opportunity to help management assess operations, decipher numbers, and analyze controls. If written well, the report is a powerful tool for change and it provides executives a finger on the pulse of the business. However, too many audit reports fall short. When using an inconsistent writing approach, conducting too many revisions, and attempting to meet the many different writing styles of audit personnel, the report can fail to crystalize the issues and will not provide a clear path for improvement.

The Clear Audit Report Writing workshop provides internal auditors with a process to improve organization, clarity, and conciseness of audit findings and reports. The interactive training includes practical exercises on drafting, revising, and proofreading; a peer-review session; and lecture related to best practices for audit reports. Participants also receive a critique of their writing by the instructor.

Workshop Length: One or Two Days

Training Objectives

  • Master a logical process for writing clear and persuasive audit comments and executive summaries
  • Learn to transfer the right level of information from work papers to reports
  • Practice targeting writing based on what management and the audit committee need to know
  • Implement techniques to show significance of issues to management

    Management and staff benefit by:


    • Cut the revising time for reports by as much as half
    • Maximize quality, professionalism, and consistency of auditor writing
    • Demonstrate the value of an audit and increase Audit’s impact on overall operations

    Workshop Topics:

    • Planning the right level to detail based on report purpose and audience
    • Checking the five Ws for complete and concrete content
    • Crafting observations using five components: condition, criteria, effect, cause, and recommendation
    • Strengthening audit comments using six key criteria
    • Free-writing drafts to increase writing speed and flow
    • Revising for readability, clarity, and conciseness
    • Varying the length and structure of sentences for an engaging style
    • Using active voice and parallelism to clarify writing
    • Proofreading for perfection

    Additional topics for two-day version:

    • Applying six persuasive writing techniques
    • Mastering sentence mechanics
    • Using formatting to show emphasis
    • Revising writing by colleagues
    • Practicing the Top 10 tips for action-oriented audit emails

    Note: Two-day workshop includes additional writing application and a peer-review session.


    “Very relevant information.  Just left another internal audit department that needs the same support.  Will recommend it!” – Merri-Lou Perkins, Dow Chemical

    “Barry is very clear in his presentation and very experienced in the topic.” – Kam Chin Wong, OCBC Bank of Singapore

    “Great course! I would have liked three days of this!”  – Bill Fasoli, Varian Medical Systems

    “Interactive, fun, and easy to remember the material.  Very enjoyable!” – Rick Bernie, Dow Chemical

    “Will influence my division to adopt [Barry’s] approach.” Robert Yeung, OCBC

    “Thank you for the information provided during the course of the workshop.  It was refreshing to have a professional communication expert to have the knowledge on how to write audit reports.” – Julie Betts, Canada Border Service Agency 

    “Very effective and efficient course.  Even after being an auditor for more than 20 years, I still learnt a lot from him.”  – Head of Audit, OCBC – Singapore