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Clear Report Writing

Although many scientists and engineers skillfully conduct research, many painstakingly struggle to write their findings in reports.  This is unfortunate because the value of the research performed is often represented by the quality of its documentation.

If a report doesn’t effectively communicate the key information and findings, the time spent on the research is wasted.  Furthermore, hope of transferring the knowledge to management and colleagues is in jeopardy.

On the other hand, if a scientist or engineer can craft a clear and concise report, one that effectively lays out the problem, methods, key data, conclusions, and implications, the information can be successfully passed on to become the basis for decision-making, or further research and innovation.

This one-day workshop provides those who write reports with (1) an efficient process for documentation and (2) techniques to ensure that the information is communicated in an organized, clear, and concise way.

Workshop length: One Day


  • Implement a writing process for efficient, effective documentation
  • Improve layout and accessibility of report content
  • Achieve clarity and conciseness
  • Ensure usefulness of reports to all readers


  • Planning before writing
  • Defining purpose, scope, and audience
  • Synthesizing information to get at what’s key
  • Learning key components of report formats
  • Drafting report content with speed
  • Crafting abstracts and executive summaries
  • Organizing sections and paragraphs
  • Highlighting the most important information or data
  • Refining writing for flow, clarity, and deductive presentation of ideas
  • Demystifying with plain English
  • Writing in an engaging style
  • Incorporating processes or procedures into reports
  • Integrating tables and charts
  • Forming descriptive titles for articles
  • Avoiding the nine most common report problems

 Smashing review: 

“This course was very good and beneficial.  I enjoyed each and every moment.” 

– Ram Hebalalu, Acuson

“Highly recommend!” 

– Xueping Qiu, Omya

“Great presentation! Involved the whole audience.” 

– Emma Hansen, Omya