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Presenting With Style and Ease


Clear and dynamic presentations engage audiences and provide memorable material.  They impart new and compelling information.  They drive people to action and encourage people to change.

Unfortunately, countless presentations fall short of these results.

Too often, many of us have been lulled to sleep by a presenter reading PowerPoint bullets that we’ll never remember.  During these presentations we pay more attention to the clock than the presenter.

So how do we learn to deliver informative, engaging presentations?

This workshop helps participants overcome their personal presentation challenges and build on their current strengths.  They will finish the training equipped with the skills and confidence to deliver important information in an organized and thought-provoking way.

Recorded twice on an iPad, they can instantly view their presentation and receive feedback from the instructor.

Workshop length: One or Two Days



  • Implement a simple three-step approach to plan and deliver presentations
  • Turn dull info- or data-based presentations into informative, thought-provoking narratives
  • Project confidence and engage audiences when presenting


  • Staying focused on your goal for the presentation
  • Learning how behavior, message, and rapport are integral aspects in delivering powerful presentations
  • Projecting confidence, sincerity, and expertise when presenting
  • Following the steps for designing, rehearsing, and delivering your content
  • Snapping your audience to attention with electric openings
  • Ensuring your key points are organized and clear
  • Making content sizzle by illustrating ideas with stories, analogies, metaphors, statistics, quotes, and more
  • Incorporating compelling visual aids

Note: The objectives and topics are fine-tuned based on discussions with management and evaluation of participant strengths and challenges.

Smashing reviews:

“He is a true professional when it comes to teaching others how to be their best in front of an audience. I would absolutely hire Barry again!” – Johanna Dillon, Director, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“I absolutely loved the class and would not have changed anything!” – Tanya Sturm, Internal Audit, Mechanics Bank

“Incredible job.  I really enjoyed the learning.  I would definitely recommend this workshop!  Getting the practice of public speaking with a critical eye was super appreciated.”  – Anthony McAndrews, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“Very interactive and it pushed the envelope to improve.” – Lee Wang, Gelb Consulting

“You provided clear ways to reduce anxiety and communicate more effectively.” – Chris Duffek, REID, Bank of the West

“I loved it!  Never had a training in this area.  Clear, simple techniques that are easily applicable.  No-pressure opportunity to get feedback.  Excellent course.  Thank you!” – Julie Campbell, CTCA

“I found it extremely informative, and I will keep the tools I was provided and use them again and again!” – Patricia Adams, CTCA

“This is a positive experience in something that many people are uncomfortable with.” – Ana Mena Rodarte, Gelb Consulting

“I really enjoyed your engagement, facts, tips, and how you made us relaxed easing into presentation mode.” – Auditor, Varian Medical Systems 

“One of the best trainers I have ever come across.  Barry knows how to keep us glued to a 2-hour session.  The training was very informative and fun!” – IT Specialist, Cognizant Technology Solutions

“I so enjoyed your webinar.   You are great at constantly creating engagement, and don’t miss a beat with audience participation.   And the combo of practical content and your natural, collegial demeanor made the session useful and enjoyable.” – Dan Farley – Juniper Networks