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Making Meetings Matter – T3

Making Meetings Matter, a seven-hour workshop, trains participants to plan and conduct dynamic and outcome-oriented meetings both as participants and facilitators.

The T3 program for Making Meetings Matter equips and certifies internal facilitators to deliver the workshop to employees.  Participants achieve certification by attending a three-day program and finish the T3 confident in the topics and techniques, and their ability to train the workshop effectively.

Upon completing the T3 program and achieving certification for facilitators, Speak and Write will license its training materials and enable the purchase of training packets for future workshops that the facilitators lead.

I.  Information on T3 Program

Program length

Three days

Process for New Trainer Certification










New Trainer’s Packet

The new trainer receives the following items during the T3 program:

  • Facilitator preparation binder—includes workshop overview, philosophy, timing guide, preparation checklist, and description of how to use the facilitator’s workbook
  • Facilitator’s workbook—a guide that matches the participant’s workbook, and also includes facilitator’s script, stories, research, answers to exercises, and frequently-asked questions
  • Printed PowerPoint slides—to be used to practice the workshop in the T3 session and thereafter.
  • Memory stick—includes PowerPoint presentation file and soft copies of all templates and handouts to conduct the Making Meetings Matter workshop.

Participant Packets

After certification in the writing workshop, the new trainer purchases participant packets for subsequent trainings.  The participant packets include the following items:

  • Making Meetings Matter workbook
  • Meeting Planning Toolkit, including the following items:
    • Meeting planning templates
    • Discussion planning templates
    • Meeting evaluation forms
  • Laminated workshop summary card
  • Pen and highlighter

***The participants packets come shrink-wrapped for easy distribution to participants.

II.  Information on Making Meetings Matter workshop

Workshop length

One Day


  1. To learn and implement best-practice skills to prepare, conduct, and close meetings.
  2. To understand how to run results-oriented meetings.
  3. To develop ways to generate, assess, and reach decisions on ideas and actions in meetings.
  4. To improve overall effectiveness of meetings by engaging participants in a positive, productive way.


  • Answering the question: To meet or not to meet?
  • Identifying the purpose and desired outcomes of meetings
  • Considering the “what” vs. “how” when planning
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Delivering status updates as a participant
  • Setting the stage in the beginning
  • Facilitating with grace
  • Getting participants involved
  • Helping groups reach decisions
  • Troubleshooting in meetings
  • Summarizing meetings and following up
  • Getting feedback

The workshop consists of lecture, exercises, and group work related to common meeting scenarios.  The participants will leave feeling confident about their ability to create dynamic discussions in meetings and achieve clear outcomes.