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Clear Email Writing

The number one problem reported by email writers is that they don’t receive the response they want.  Surprisingly, this problem lies with the writer, not the reader.

Writers who compose unclear email messages don’t get their intended meaning across to their readers.  This leads to the recipient providing incorrect or inadequate information, or taking the wrong action.

On the other hand, well-written messages are more apt to elicit well-written and appropriate responses.

In this workshop, you learn to write action-oriented messages and avoid the costly back-and-forth correspondence that commonly occurs from unclear emails.  You can implement our tips and techniques the very next time you open your email.

Workshop length: Half Day


  • Write email messages that drive managers and employees to take action on tasks and projects
  • Effective Email Communcation
  • Communicate information and action items clearly and concisely
  • Achieve proper etiquette and avoid email misunderstandings


  • Getting content right
  • Structuring your message based on audience and scenario
  • Writing meaningful subject lines
  • Covering your bases for completeness
  • Avoiding the email ping-pong effect
  • Achieving clarity and conciseness
  • Making your message stand out from the rest
  • Categorizing and highlighting important information
  • Trimming word and sentence fat
  • Striking the right tone
  • Proofreading for perfection

Smashing reviews:

“I thought that Barry Mohn’s training session was spot on.  The topic was relevant, the presentation was interesting and engaging, and the information provided could be easily applied in the business environment.  Excellent Session!!!”

“Instructor’s ability to enliven material?  5+++  Instructor’s clarity? 5+++  Instructor’s knowledge of subject?  5+++.  Amazing material and fantastic instructor!  Kudos!”  Cupertino-based Tech Company

“My favorite session I attended at the conference!!!” – Institute of Internal Auditors Conference – Houston, TX