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Clear Business Writing – Online Blended Learning

Webinars + e-Learning + e-Coaching = Effective business-writing skills for worldwide employees

Designed for groups that are spread throughout the world, and where it is not financially or logistically feasible to gather all employees in a room,  this online blended-learning approach for clear business writing will help employees improve clarity and conciseness of their writing.  The program is interactive, informative, and fun, and it can be trained anywhere and anytime.

Workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Training components:

  • Two 90-minute webinars on consecutive days
  • Five 15-minute e-Learning lessons for each participant
  • One 20-minute Skype coaching call for each participant


  • Master a process to become more efficient, effective, and confident in writing
  • Target writing based on audience needs
  • Create clear, organized, and concise emails and documents
  • Make information quickly accessible and actionable
  • Reduced time to write emails and documents


  • Practicing clustering to cut writing time
  • Using “to” phrases to stay directed on specific audit reporting objective
  • Covering your bases with the W- & H- questions—Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Understanding two approaches to format documents—the indirect and direct approach
  • Understanding and targeting your primary audience
  • Setting a conversational style
  • Capturing ideas without editing
  • Checking for specific language
  • Organizing content using short paragraphs, bulleted lists, headings, and more
  • Understanding and incorporating the three types of sentences
  • Writing in active voice
  • Applying parallel structure
  • Proofreading for Perfection
  • Understanding the Top Seven email techniques
  • Writing purposeful subject lines
  • Making action items pop
  • Using headings in emails
  • Striking the right tone
  • Keeping emails short and to the point
  • Meeting U.S. email standards

“Brilliant session.  Thank you, Barry!”  Drashan RV – Juniper Networks, Inc.