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Course Length: Half Day or Two x 2-hour virtual sessions

In these times of frenetic digital communication, storytelling offers a welcome reprieve and tremendous opportunity to engage work and one another on a new, authentic level. As humans, we gravitate toward the pull of stories. They inspire us, provide clarity, and effect change in our thinking. They are scientifically proven to create connection and build relationships.

If we don’t tap into the power of storytelling, we’re falling short. We’re left in a never-ending world of emails, spreadsheets, documents, and slide decks. Over the long-term, it’s impossible for people to stay engaged and motivated.

Whether in a presentation, meeting, writing piece, or discussion with a customer, stories can have a profound impact and bring meaning to facts, data, and business. In this workshop—through discussion, exercises, and storytelling—you will learn the best practices of developing and sharing stories at work.


  • Learn the science of storytelling
  • Learn to create compelling stories that can be impromptu for meetings or strategic for sales and presentations
  • Understand how to use storytelling to connect and inspire change


  • Exploring different types of stories and how they relate to your business
  • Understanding the elements of a narrative arc and how to build your own storyline
  • Extracting stories from facts and data
  • Tapping into both logic and emotion
  • Supporting your story with visuals and engaging your audience with memorable messages
  • Developing stories that will help you build relationships and boost your business
  • Continuing to grow your library of stories