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Course Length: Six-week program including group training and individual coaching

This training program is designed to promote inclusiveness and provide training and coaching to support non-native speaking team members in organizations. It will help develop confidence and communication skills, in turn enabling team members to bring their value, experience, and expertise to leading and decision-making.


  • Gain confidence in written and verbal communication skills
  • Contribute confidently in meetings and discussions and to provide value in decision-making
  • Influence others and show leadership on projects and initiatives


  • 6 weeks of group training – 2 hours per session per week
  • Homework assignments each week (submitted to instructor)
  • 6 hours of coaching per person – Individuals will schedule coaching each week with the instructor to review individual challenges, homework assignments, and one-on-one practice

Program Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Setting the stage
  • Current challenge sharing
  • Review of questionnaires
  • Cross-cultural communication differences
  • Communication goals

Week 2: Clear Writing Skills: Audience, Format, Content, and Tone – 2-hour session

Homework: Write an action-oriented email, persuasive email, and project update email using workshop techniques.

Week 3: Clear Writing Skills: Revising and Editing – 2-hour session

Homework: Revise an assigned piece of writing for clarity and conciseness.

Week 4: Delivering Succinct Project Updates – 2-hour session

Homework: Deliver a status update in a meeting or one-to-one using training structure.

Week 5: Understanding Decision-Making and How to Contribute to High Quality Decisions – 2-hour session

Homework: Facilitate a discussion and reach a decision in a meeting.

Week 6: Influencing Others and Proposing System, Project, or Product Changes – 2-hour session

Homework: Write a one-page proposal suggesting a change at work. Send to instructor for coaching and feedback. Then submit to internal management.