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Virtually Perfect: Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Estimates show that two-thirds of professionals conduct part of their work virtually.  Virtual meetings, an essential element in a virtual work setting, keep these professionals connected and drive many of their activities.  Unfortunately, the quality of virtual meetings can be inconsistent: some achieve their objectives, but others often fall short; some engage participants, but many leave people frustrated; some move briskly, but others lag and waste time.    

The ability to run an effective virtual meeting lies in a person’s ability to understand and practice the techniques that create success, and to avoid the obstacles that prevent it.

In this informative, interactive, and fun webinar, the trainer models all the behaviors and techniques that create a successful virtual meeting.  The participants will be able to discuss and practice the techniques, and leave feeling confident about their approach and skills to conduct their next virtual meeting.

Webinar length:

90 Minutes


  • To implement a simple system for planning and conducting virtual meetings
  • To increase participation, interactivity, and generation of ideas
  • To use technology intelligently


  • Taking time to plan
  • Starting off strong
  • Embracing the small talk (but not overdoing it)
  • Overcoming the participation challenge
  • Labeling your emotions to avoid the guesswork
  • Incorporating technology
  • Following up with action

The webinar is limited to 10 participants to give participants a chance to contribute and practice techniques.