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e-Coaching Process

How does e-Coaching work?  

1.  Participant completes an online questionnaire to provide the writing instructor with their job description, information on the types of emails and documents they write, and their strengths and challenges related to writing.

2.  Participant submits a writing sample of up to two pages.  The sample can be any type of document, such as a proposal, procedure, report, or specification.  The participant can also paste several emails into a two-page document.

3.  The writing expert will assess the questionnaire and writing sample to identify the main areas to focus for writing improvement.

4.  The writing instructor will provide login information to Speak and Write’s e-Learning lessons.

5.  The writing instructor will critique and email the writing sample back to the participant.  The critique will include re-written sentences to show before and after examples, and suggestions on ways to improve clarity, flow, organization, tone, and conciseness.

6.  Depending on the e-Coaching package selected, the participant and writing instructor will continue to work together through both Skype calls and critiques of writing samples over the next four to six weeks.