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Meeting your written communication needs

A conservative estimate is that employees spend 40 percent of their day writing at work.

Imagine, through training, employees cutting their writing time in half and producing clear, organized, and concise documents, including reports, proposals, emails, and other business or technical documents.  What could your company accomplish with the increased productive time and improved communication?

Choose a workshop on improving employee writing from our curriculum below.

Do you write daily emails with action items and status updates?

Clear Email WritingHalf Day

You will learn to:

  • Set clear expectations and drive specific outcomes
  • Target content for audience and scenario
  • Write meaningful subject lines
  • Strike the right tone
  • Format content for readability and retention
  • Improve project communication

Do you need to write clearly and concisely in business documents?

Clear Business and Email WritingOne Day

You will learn to:

  • Implement a writing process for efficient, effective writing
  • Plan documents by addressing purpose, audience, and content
  • Improve speed and flow when drafting documents
  • Format based on writing scenario
  • Apply five techniques for improving clarity and conciseness

Is maximum clarity at stake for a range of business and technical documents?

Advanced Business and Email WritingTwo Days

You will learn to:

  • Apply a process to common business-writing scenarios
  • Develop content and find the right level of detail
  • Improve persuasiveness in writing
  • Draft and critique documents quickly and effectively
  • Apply comprehensive revising and editing techniques

Are you an engineer or scientist who needs to synthesize data and draft clear reports?

Clear Report WritingOne Day

You will learn to:

  • Implement a writing process for efficient, effective documentation
  • Define purpose, scope, and audience
  • Synthesize key information from research
  • Craft abstracts and executive summaries
  • Organize content sections and paragraphs
  • Refine writing for flow, clarity, and deductive presentation of ideas

Do you write policies and procedures to achieve compliance and improve productivity?

Clear Policy, Process, and Procedure WritingOne or Two Days

You will learn to:

  • Master a process for writing clear, direct, and succinct policies and procedures
  • Target policies and procedures to requirements and audience needs
  • Apply key tips and techniques to achieve readability and retention
  • Increase awareness of how plain English and clear syntax improves comprehension and compliance of policies and procedures