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Making Meetings Matter

Workshop Length: One Day

Why do we always hear, “That meeting was a waste of time”?  Or better yet, why don’t we ever hear, “That was a dynamic discussion, and I’m thrilled about the consensus we achieved”?

The reason is that many meetings we attend simply aren’t planned or facilitated effectively.  Often a meeting is scheduled to simply “talk about” an issue or project.  The employee or manager who calls the meeting may throw a few topics into a meeting request but never considers (1) how the topics will be discussed and (2) what outcomes will be achieved.

This workshop trains meeting facilitators and participants in the process, tools, and methods for making meetings dynamic and outcome-oriented.


  • Implement a powerful process and tools to prepare for, conduct, and wrap up meetings
  • Facilitate dynamic discussions in meetings using four methods
  • Understand what the options are for group decision-making and when to strive for consensus
  • Overcome difficult situations and deal with difficult people in meetings


1. Preparing Meetings

  • Deciding when to meet and what topics to discuss
  • Identifying the purpose and desired outcomes
  • Using the Content/Process Model to plan meetings
  • Making your agenda a contract for preparation and discussions

2. Conducting Meetings

  • Understanding the role of the facilitator
  • Creating dynamic discussions
  • Encouraging everyone to have a say
  • Achieving consensus in meetings
  • Troubleshooting in meetings

3. Closing meetings and following up

  • Achieving closure on topics
  • Capturing the details of meetings
  • Creating a follow-up communication and action plan
  • Getting feedback on the effectiveness of meetings

Smashing reviews:

“Barry’s Meeting Facilitation workshop provides enjoyable, hands-on training.  Time flies as you learn in an interactive, relaxed setting about the right way to conduct productive meetings.  Barry also trains by example using his own techniques in the workshop.”  Ana Mena, Gelb Consulting, Inc.

“Everyone should take this class.”  Thomas Vallaitis, Infinera