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Taking Charge of Your Career

Workshop length: One Day

Employees who work in areas that match their interests, skills, and values achieve the highest levels of job engagement and productivity.

The challenge is:  How do we know if employees are in the right job and on the best trajectory in the organization?

Taking Charge of Your Career helps assess employees’ motivated skills, interests, and values for developing a career path within one’s current organization.  This workshop helps employees understand what kind of work is most satisfying to them and improves their ability to make quality work decisions.  The workshop also ensures that employees are in line with their organization’s goals—performing in the right jobs and doing their best work.


  • Conduct an individual assessment and seek to align skills with company needs
  • Develop a draft career plan to present to managers and Human Resources
  • Increase engagement in jobs and projects
  • Heighten productivity by improving morale
  • Decrease turnover by helping employees build goals for growth



1.  Assess employees—The point at which skills, interests, and values meet is where employees perform their best work.  Doing their best work means being:

  • Engaged in the process
  • Productive in their work
  • Motivated by the results

2.  Understand company trends and goals—A speaker from the company informs employees of areas for opportunity and growth.

3.  Design a career development plan—Employees leave with an actionable plan in one of three directions:

  • To increase expertise in existing career
  • To broaden responsibilities in current career direction
  • To design a new career orientation based on current company’s needs

Smashing reviews:

“Thank you!  I would have to say that you are among the best, if not the best instructor I have seen brought in to NISH.  Your enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS and INSPIRATIONAL!”  Paul Cataldo, NISH