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Clear Technical Writing

CTWImprove clarity and conciseness of technical documentation by Product Managers, Developers, Quality Engineers, and more.  People who are not technical writers by profession have to meet the challenge of writing quality documentation—with time constraints and topic complexities. Furthermore, non-standardized formats and styles can create inconsistency and confusion in their writing.  When using a standardized approach and applying best-practice writing techniques, employees can produce organized, consistent, clear, and concise technical documents, and save time while doing so.


  • Implement a writing process for efficient, effective technical documentation
  • Target content for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Synthesize ideas from multiple content contributors
  • Improve style, clarity, and conciseness in technical documents
  • Improve layout, flow, and accessibility of content
  • Apply key tips to achieve readability and retention of information


  • Planning the purpose and scope of documents
  • Targeting content to the audience and scenario
  • Ensuring completeness of content
  • Drafting documents with speedTechnical Pic1
  • Beginning in a way that engages the reader
  • Incorporating processes and procedures
  • Hitting the right style for technical documents
  • Organizing sections and paragraphs in a logical format
  • Highlighting the most important information
  • Revising paragraphs and sentences for clarity and conciseness
  • Demystifying writing using plain English
  • Minimizing jargon
  • Avoiding the nine most common technical writing errors
  • Proofreading for error-free writing

Additional topics for two-day version:

  • Achieving flow by varying sentence types using transitions
  • Applying proper sentence mechanics
  • Crafting work procedures and instructions
  • Writing clear and complete summaries of meetings and reports
  • Using formatting to show emphasis
  • Revising writing by others

Note: Two-day workshop includes additional application and a peer-review session.



“This should be taught throughout the whole company!  Great class and great teacher.” – Leydis Savedra, Medtronic

“Barry was enthusiastic; made for an enjoyable learning experience.” – Cupertino-based Technology Company, Senior Producer

“Instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and the course was interactive and informative.” – Katherine Timashpolsky, St. Jude Medical

“Speaker’s presentation skills were great!  Casual speaking tone, concise, and organized.” – Cupertino-based Technology Company, Senior Producer

“We write so many documents.  We need to be efficient so we can spend less time on the writing.  This class guaranteed that.  Barry is an awesome instructor.”  – Anil Kishhore Ponnapalli, TIBCO 

“An engaging and humorous facilitator.” – Karl Hebenstreit, Perform & Function

“I will absolutely recommend this class to everyone in my department!!!  Especially to the report writers and management team.” – Sona Soghomonyan, Medtronic

“It was a fantastic course.” – Manager, Production – Cupertino-based Technology Company

“This was one of the best trainings I’ve had.  Info was clear and relevant and I can actively incorporate it into my tech writing.  The instructor was fantastic.  Excellent pace and delivery.” – Sheri Swanson, Director, Visa

“I would definitely recommend this to others, as I see numerous examples of communication/writing/documentation that could benefit from this course.” – Brandon Brosious, Equinix