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Clear Business and Email Writing

CBEW Testimonial1Conservative estimates show that employees spend an average of 40 percent of their day writing at work.

Imagine—through training—employees cutting their writing time in half and producing organized, clear, and concise documents and emails.  What could your company accomplish with the increased productive time and improved communication?

Delivered to over 100 organizations and thousands of participants, this lively, hands-on workshop provides a step-by-step process for business writing.  Participants will learn by doing, the only legitimate way to improve writing skills!  The training includes writing and revising exercises, group activities, and discussion.

Workshop length: One or Two Days


  • Increase speed in drafting documents by implementing a writing process
  • Meet needs of multiple audience types 
  • Write professional, respectful emails that drive action
  • Improve clarity and conciseness of documents and emails to customers, CBEW Picturecoworkers, and management
  • Increase confidence that your documents and emails get read

  • Topics

    • Mastering the three principles of writing
    • Targeting writing based on audience traits and perspective
    • Clustering to capture and organize information
    • Achieving the right level of detail
    • Learning a conclusion-first writing format
    • Implementing six techniques to persuade the audience
    • Freewriting to create a draft quickly
    • Enabling your audience to scan your writing
    • Incorporating active voice and parallel structure
    • Trimming the fat from wordy writing
    • Proofreading for perfection
    • Mastering the Top 10 tips for respectful, action-oriented email
    • Bridging the divide with international writing techniques

    Additional topics for two-day workshop:

    • Achieving flow by varying sentence types and using transitions
    • Applying proper sentence mechanics
    • Crafting work procedures and instructions
    • Writing clear and complete summaries of meetings and reports
    • Using formatting to show emphasis
    • Revising writing by others

    Note: Two-day workshop includes additional writing application and a peer-review session.  


    “It was excellent.  Rated it a 12…out of 10!”  Tom Jensen, CTCA

    “The breadth of the topics was valuable – it really seemed to cover all angles and perspectives.  Great pace in the class too.”  Cory Lewis, Cupertino-based Tech Company

    “If you are looking for an exceptional instructor, with a wealth of knowledge, then look no further.” – Anna Johnson – IDT

    “If everyone used these techniques, I might actually read all of my emails.”  Dale Little, North Carolina – Tech Company

    “Wonderful.  A subject that might otherwise be boring was made fun.” Ryan Wilson, Xilinx

    “Outstanding. I’ll recommend this class to my co-workers.  The facilitator was upbeat, fun, and held my attention for the entire two days.”  Linda Rivera, IBM

    The course was very good and beneficial.  I wish we could have had a few more classes. I enjoyed each and every moment.”  Ram Hebbalalu, Acuson

    “Best course/best instructor I have received in my 7+ years with the company (and that’s saying a lot coming from a former instructor).” JB, CAISO

    “Fantastic course.  Great presenter.  Very entertaining and informative.”  Robb Barrett, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    “His communication skills are impeccable.” – Yashoda Khadilkar, Cognizant

     “This class will change the way I look at my writing!” – Carl Ribbing, Xilinx

    “Excellent course.  I will definitely use the principles covered on a daily basis.” – Employee, Genentech

    “It was very valuable and practical for everyday business interactions. The class was engaging and I learned a lot.  The presenter was confident and impressive! – EMC

    “I learned A LOT from your class and appreciate the fact that you managed to present the material in an engaging way. The time flew by.  I guarantee you that this will be one of the few workbooks that I keep around for future and frequent reference” – Cupertino-based Tech Company

    “Great Training.  Great Trainer!” – Xilinx – Singapore
    “My favorite class to date.  Extremely useful.” – Amy Condit, Internal Training Manager, Synopsys
    “We all get into habits and the class was a fantastic reminder of skills for improvement” – Pam Bishop, VIVA Physicians
    “Very informative.  Great Instructor” – Allen Lewis, Sierra Nevada Corporation
    “Barry is dynamic, engaging, and humorous.  I really enjoyed this course.” – Marisa Munoz, ETA
    “Barry is familiar with Japanese culture.  I highly recommend this class, especially for [cross-cultural communication] for Japanese and Western people.” – Yuki Sakai, DoCoMo
    “Excellent class!” – Maria Crisostomo, Bio-Rad
    “Definitely recommend it!!  Great instructor kept me awake and totally engaged.” – Shir Schleyen, Bio-Rad
    “This is a useful and beneficial training that is short but precise to busy workers like us.  We can easily remember and implement the main points of the training.” – Michelle Lee, Juniper Networks – Singapore