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Special Offer: Asia Training Without the Travel Costs


Asia Training Promotion: Oct 21. to Nov. 2, 2011

How often do your Asia teams ask for training in writing skills?  How often do you have to deny them because of the expense of instructor travel?    

Now you can say “YES!” by taking advantage of Speak and Write’s special offer: 

Training Without The Travel Costs

From October 19 to November 2, Barry Mohn will be delivering the popular writing workshop in Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong. . .

Business and Technical Writing With Clarity

Your Asia teams will learn to:

  • Improve clarity and conciseness of reports and documents
  • Present data in a way to better decision-making
  • Provide timely, accurate email responses
  • Bridge the divide with international writing tips

Key Topics:

  • Clarifying the purpose for writing
  • Clustering to organize information
  • Learning and practicing two writing formats
  • Writing action-oriented emails
  • Finding the right words to convey the message
  • Striking the right tone
  • Using short, declarative statements
  • Delivering bad news or creating alternatives to saying “no”
  • Improving readability and comprehension
  • Writing user-friendly instructions
  • Influencing through persuasive writing techniques

The workshop includes:

  • A critiquing of participants’ writing samples
  • A comprehensive workbook with multiple before and after examples
  • A Confusing Couples bookmark
  • A reinforcement job-aid

Target audience:  Technical professionals in Asia who communicate with U.S. counterparts