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Recommended reading

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Writing Skills

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

Lynn Truss

ISBN: 1-592-40203-8

Notes: If you’ve got punctuation challenges, buy this book.  This New York Times bestseller provides excellent lessons on punctuation while thoroughly entertaining you.


The Gregg Reference Manual

William Sabin

ISBN: 0-07-293653-3

Notes: All groups in business should have at least one copy of this comprehensive manual.  This go-to guide covers grammar, style, usage, and formatting.



David Shipley and Will Schwalbe

ISBN: 978-0-307-26464-3

Notes: Send is a modern, readable book on e-mail etiquette.  It includes quality examples and will absolutely help you improve your e-mail writing.



Strunk and White: The Elements of Style

William Strunk and E.B. White

ISBN: 0205632645

Notes: Strunk and White is a classic, must-have book for improving your style of writing.  The book was written long ago but still applies today.



Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists

Barry Rosenburg

ISBN: 0-13-149863-0

Notes: For all you technical writers, this one will become well-used as you constantly refer back to it.   The information is well-organized with basic- and expert-level tips on technical writing.

Writing High-Impact Reports

Angela Maniak

ISBN: 0-9629337-3-2

Notes: This book couldn’t be simpler to use and apply to organizing and writing audit reports.  It’s by far the best book we’ve found on audit writing and reports.



Presenting Skills

Beyond Bullet Points

Cliff Atkinson

ISBN: 978-0-7356-2052-0

Notes: This book addresses the number one problem in presentations today: people throwing too many bullets on a bunch of slides and calling it a presentation.  Get this book to help create a theme and story in your presentations.  It’s our number one most-recommended book in all workshops.


Presenting to Win

Jerry Weissman

ISBN: 0-13-187510-8

Notes: This book provides clear, excellent techniques on planning and delivering presentations.  It also focuses on how to use story-telling in presentations, which is the number one way to engage an audience.



Meeting Facilitation Skills

Death by Meeting

Patrick Lencioni

ISBN: 978-0-7879-6805-2

Notes: If you attend or conduct meetings, get this cleverly written book that uses a fable to teach lessons on the common challenges we all experience in meetings. Easy reading with spot-on ideas.



The Secrets of Facilitation

Michael Wilkinson

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7578-4

Notes: Includes effective techniques to generate vibrant discussions and a sound process for reaching consensus in meetings.