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Developing U.S. Business Writing Skills

Learn to meet U.S. standards for business communication by developing writing skills for emails, and business and technical documents.  The 15-minute lessons include explanations and practice in achieving clarity and conciseness in your writing.

Schedule to complete a lesson every few days to work on your business English and writing skills.

Developing U.S. Business Writing Skills package:

Parallel Structure – Learn to make related items within improve sentences and bulleted lists parallel in form.  Parallel structure enhances clarity and shows a confident style of writing.

Active Voice – Learn the difference between active and passive voice and why most business and technical documents should employ more active voice.

Subject-Verb Agreement -Learn to appropriately match plural and singular subjects to the correct verb form.  This will ensure your sentences are grammatical and clear.

Sentence structure – Learn to break down and craft clear sentences by understanding the three sentences types.  The lesson will help you to eliminate run-ons and fragments, and to improve flow in your writing.

Using articles – Learn to use articles – aan, and the – in the proper way.  This lessons will help clean up your writing and make it sound more natural. 

 U.S. standards for e-mail – Coming soon!

Persuading your audience – Coming soon!

Writing procedures – Coming soon!

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