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Do you struggle to craft clear emails and drive concrete actions in email?

Professional Email Writing – How to Craft Clear Messages That Get Things Done at Work

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Length: 50 minutes

Seriously v2Make your emails stand out; get your emails read; get things done.

This fun, interactive, and informative lesson will keep you engaged from start to finish. You will learn to write email messages that communicate clearly and drive employee and project action items. The techniques will also help you avoid the costly back-and-forth correspondence that commonly occurs from unclear or inappropriate messages.

You will be able to implement the skills and impress your boss and coworkers the very next time you write an email.


  • Write email messages that drive managers and employees to take action on tasks and projects
  • Communicate information and action items clearly and concisely
  • Achieve proper etiquette and avoid email misunderstandings


  1. Making the action items stand out
  2. Applying a persuasive email format
  3. Setting up the reader to respond easily
  4. Considering the writer and reader perspectives
  5. Writing a meaningful, specific subject line
  6. Including the right level of detail
  7. Striking a respectful tone
  8. Incorporating appropriate email etiquette

***Includes job aid to reinforce the techniques and ensure implementation.  



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Are you a non-native English speaker trying to meet U.S. standards for business writing?  Do you struggle with clear and concise writing at work?

Developing U.S. Business Writing Skills

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Length: Approx. 3 hours

Develop skills to meet U.S. business writing standards for emails and documents.  At your own pace and time, take these 20-minute, engaging lessons to learn practical ways to improve the quality of your written communication.


Package includes all of the following lessons:

  • Seriously, Write Effective Emails

Learn to write action-oriented messages and avoid the costly back-and-forth correspondence that commonly occurs from unclear emails.  Meet U.S. standards for conclusion-first and persuasive writing.  You can implement the tips and techniques from this e-Learning lesson the very next time you open your email.

  • Planning Your Writing

Planning a Document – Learn to plan the four key elements of a document.  Planning prepares the writer to draft quickly and compose content in an organized, targeted way.

  • Achieving Clarity and Conciseness

Active Voice – Learn the difference between active and passive voice and why most business and technical documents should employ more active voice.

Articles – Learn to use articles – aan, and the – in the proper way.  This lessons will help clean up your writing and make it sound more natural.

Parallel Structure – Learn to make related items within improve sentences and bulleted lists parallel in form.  Parallel structure enhances clarity and shows a confident style of writing.

Sentence structure – Learn to break down and craft clear sentences by understanding the three sentences types.  The lesson will help you to eliminate run-ons and fragments, and to improve flow in your writing.

Subject-Verb Agreement -Learn to appropriately match plural and singular subjects to the correct verb form.  This will ensure your sentences are grammatical and clear.



1 – 25 Licenses 26 – 99 Licenses 100+ Licenses
$79 each $69 each $59 each


For a blended-learning approach, combine the e-Learning lessons with Speak and Write’s e-Coaching.

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